Saturday, 19 May 2012

A new journey begins.

A secret smile, a hidden joy.  The longed for pregnancy was real.  She wanted to savour the excitement a bit more before sharing it.  First with her husband and then the soon-to-be grandparents and friends.  She just knew that everyone could already see the change.  Didn't she already have a small bump?

Change began it's relentless journey as the child within her brought amazing physical and spiritual changes to her body.  Isn't it incredible to think that God has planned each child's life before their birth.  He makes each person unique, knitting them together in the secret warmth of the mother's womb.  (Ps 139:13, 15-16 and Jer 1:5) But some of these changes weren't that pleasant as morning sickness become the focus of the early morning.  Nothing seemed to take it away.  But the gentle caring of her husband made the days pass swiftly.  

Then one day, that tiny little flutter.... tiny feed kicking out, soft as a tickle.  A gentle caress, a precious moment to savour and remember. The eagerness to share the excitement with her mother.  Joy burst forth as she sang to herself.  Sang to the unborn child growing and changing within her.  

It was fun buying new furniture and preparing the baby room.  There was much laughter as the accent yellow colour, specially chosen  for the feature wall  was a perfect match for the pale yellow colour on the opposite wall! The window was framed by cheerful curtains with clouds and rainbows. A safe place for a tiny baby to sleep and dream.  A large cot stood waiting, empty, except for the fluffy toys that seemed to multiply with each shopping trip made by grannies-to-be and friends.  "I couldn't resist, it was soooooo cute!", they all said. Tiny baby clothes were washed with care and folded neatly in the cupboard.  Knitting needles clicked as the grannies and aunties made small jerseys in soft white wool.  

Late night discussions, sharing hopes and dreams, took place while the small growing baby kicked and wriggled.  What name to choose, one for a girl and one for a boy.  This was the time before everyone had a scan and knew the babies sex before the birth.  Her clothes are too tight now.  Her faces glows with health and shadows of a butterfly mark her face.  Silvery lines run across her swollen belly.  A smile lingers on her face as she wonders who this baby will become.   

As the pregnancy advances, the urge to rest and sleep more grows.  It's hard work supporting two people in one body.  Time seems to stand still.  Waiting.  Everything is ready. Patience as the due date comes near and passes.  Curious phone calls, "No news yet?"

Then in the early hours of the morning, a sudden jolt of pain.  Is this it? Excitement and fear mingle together.  Remember to breathe!  A speedy drive.  More breathing, relax.  She can do this. Pain, breathe.  The world seems to vanish as the focus becomes internal, in tune with the mighty changes taking place as new life is being born.  Draw deeply on a hidden well of strength.  Focus and push!  Incredible agony followed swiftly by overwhelming joy.  A baby boy, pink and wrinkled with thick black hair is delivered in a rush of liquor and blood.  Curious little eyes blink in the bright, harsh light of the delivery room.  A lungful of cold air and a loud cry. Perfection!  Tiny hands grasp the huge hands of his daddy as the wet warm body lies on his mother's chest.  Love overwhelms the little family as the medical staff quietly leave the room, dimming the lights.

Nine months a time of amazing change has flown by. A new life-journey begins.


  1. Beautifully written Judy! Look forward to reading more :)