Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Story time after school.

I squirmed on the seat of my school desk.  It was nearly time to go home and waiting was agony.  Thursday was always a day to look forward to because when school finished, we would walk home and then it would be story time!

Finally the bell rang and I ran out of the classroom clutching my small suitcase.  Eagerly I searched the row of mothers waiting at the school gate.  There she was and there was Colin coming to the gate running from his classroom.  We set of on the walk home in the warm sunshine.  Kim sat in the pram with George standing at the back.  Lynn went to a different school and would meet us at home.  I skipped along chatting to mommy about the school day and all the new words we had learnt.  Colin scuffed his school shoes in the dust as we walked.  Boys!

The walk home was downhill past the fire station, where we had Sunday School and the veggie shop.  My mother is tall and very beautiful.  Her hair is a funny red colour and short.  Mommy says the hairdresser deserves to be shot for making her hair such a terrible colour.  She hates how her ears stick out, but I like it.  Short hair is so cool and modern, but mom won't let me cut my long thick hair.  I ask every day when she combs the knots out.  Those big ball-like knots that make your eyes water when pulled by the comb.  Mom says I must play soccer in my sleep.

I play hop-scotch on the pavement squares, careful not to touch the lines.  We stop to peep in the window at the sweets in the corner cafe.  Chappies, suckers and round coloured balls on small glass shelves.  No stopping today.  We've passed the shops now.  We just need to walk past the garden with the fairies, go around the corner and then we're home.  I wonder what we'll have for lunch?  "Quietly now", says mommy, "We have to tiptoe or we'll scare the fairies and then they'll fly away." " If we're very quiet", says mom in a whisper, "we might see them playing."  We walk slowly and quietly along the grass pavement. I balance carefully, like they taught us at ballet and softly tiptoe to the edge of the garden.  Slowly I peep through the trees and look as hard as I can.   There under the flowers I can see something bright and shining like a jewel.  It must be a fairy wingtip.  Mom saw it too, but just then Colin clapped his hands to chase them away!  

The fairies are gone.  I am so furious, all the boys think about is space and astronauts since they got those spacesuits for Christmas.  I giggled remembering how they fell out the tree trying to fly like the men on the moon.  Kim is trying to climb out her pram and I tickle her and forget about being cross.  Colin is showing George some treasure that he in his hid in pocket.  It's a hairy caterpillar that he found at break, but now it's all squashed.  Ugh!  

Here we are, around the corner and there is our house.  Number 26 Prince Albert Street, phone number 26 2083. We have to remember the address in case we get lost.  Then we can tell a nice policeman where we live so he can bring us home.  Grandpa is a policeman, a detective.  But you mustn't talk about it because then the crooks will try and find him.  

I like coming home, the hydrangea bushes in the front are full of blue flowers. Mommy likes flowers and we water them every day.  She says being in the garden is her relaxing time.  Now we are going to have lunch and then after our sleep, it's story time!  I hate sleeping in the afternoon.  That's for babies like Kim and I'm a big girl now.  Mommy says we have to sleep so that we are awake to plays games when daddy gets home.  I don't want to sleep....

Mommy wakes us all and we quickly find a spot to sit in the lounge.  Mommy sits in the big armchair with Kim on her lap.  We all find a space on the carpet, not too far away so we can see the pictures in  the book.  The carpet is red and scratchy, but nobody notices because the story has started. We are reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, just like  "Little People's Playtime" on the radio.  I like listening to mommy read, she uses funny voices, a deep lion voice for Aslan and a high squeaky voice for Mr Thumnus.  It's cold in Narnia.  But be quiet now and settle down  because mommy is reading.  I drift off through the wardrobe to Narnia.  

It is quiet now, too quiet.  The story has stopped. Oh no,please read another chapter!  But that will have to wait until next week.  

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